Lose weight with jumping rope! Quick guide

The people who really want to lose weight should read this article thoroughly. Here we discuss how to lose weight with jumping rope. What are the types and how many calories are burned by skipping rope?

In this article we will discuss some other health benefits on lose weight with jumping rope. Let’s start our discussion.

How jumping rope exercises can help lose weight fast-its types and health benefits.

What is a jumping rope exercise?

When you jump up using a skipping rope, this kind of exercise is called jump rope burn fat exercise. It is a type of cardiovascular exercise. By keeping this workout routine you will be able to burn calories that have become a big problem for years.

Lose weight with jumping rope

Are jump ropes really helpful in burning calories?

We usually used to see little girls playing with skipping ropes. Earlier we considered it a children’s game. Because we were not aware of its other benefits.

But later American research proved that jump roping is one of the sources for slimming down. Yeah! It follows the best mechanism of burning extra fat mass in the body.

How many calories can you burn through a standard jumping rope?

It is reported that by using a skipping rope you can burn around 14 to 15 calories in one minute. It is really amazing. So, if you are really facing an obesity issue you can do it daily.

What are the types of jumping rope? how to do this cardiovascular exercise?

Here we discuss some major types with little modification in standard.

  • Jump rope jacks.
  • Crisscross skipping.
  • Side swing skipping.
  • High knee.
  • Boxer Step skipping.
  • Mummy Kicks Jumping.

If you know about jumping jacks then it would be easier to understand this type. Spread your legs and pass the skipping cord from your foot. After passing this, move your feet inward. And that’s all. Do it in the form of sets.

  • Criss Cross Jumping.

Here you have to move your feet in Criss Cross form. Cross your both feet and pass the cord from your hand. Again do sets of Criss Cross. This will burns fat from your thighs.

  • Side Swing Jumping.

Give the rope a right-side swing with your right hand and a left-side swing with your left hand. Put your entire body straight and pass this from your toes. Let’s continue skipping until your set time on the clock.

  • High Knee.

Bend your left knee and skip the rope from your left toe. Similarly, bend the right knee and skip the rope from the right toe. It is how you can perform high-knee jumping exercises.

  • Boxer Step Jumping Exercise

Put one foot forward and skip the rope from it. Now let the other foot forward and skip rope from it. And attain a boxer style to perform this exercise. This will reduce the overall fat accumulated in the body.

  • Mummy Kicks Jumping.

It is just like kicking from one foot and then passing the cord below its toes. Do the same thing with the other foot. Note that you are maintaining the standing position of the body. As you have attained kicking style so this exercise has gained the name mummy kicks.

Lose weight with jumping rope

For how many hours should I do jumping rope in a day to lose fat?

People usually ask this question because they do not know how much time it is safe to do it. To lead a healthy lifestyle you must do at least 20 to 25 sets of jumping cords per day.

This amount of sets is considered safe and healthy. You can exceed this limit up to 30 to 35. But do not go beyond this limit.

What should be the limit of jumping exercises for Beginners?

This exercise is a high-intensity workout. That’s why beginners must be careful. It is recommended to perform at least 5 to 10 sets initially.

Take extra care while jumping. Because you are not an expert. So there are greater chances of inquiries. Just start up at a slow and steady speed.

Health Benefits of Jumping Workout:

Besides losing weight, this exercise provides you with other benefits too. All benefits are discussed below:

Improved Digestion.

When your body starts burning extra calories with help of exercises then your stomach gets less of a burden for digestion. As a result, you get better digestion. These exercises boost your metabolism too.

Increase Lung capacity.

As lungs are the source of respiration. When you start skipping your lung capacity for inhalation and exhalation enhances. Which automatically improves your lung capacity.

Get Coordination and Flexibility.

Jump rope exercises are not only a source of weight loss but also give coordination in your body. The people who practice dance actually do such exercises to achieve flexibility in the body.

Get a Healthy Heart.

Jump rope can put your heart at health risk. Extra fat in the body is a source of high cholesterol. Which can ultimately disturb the heart functioning. Besides weight loss goals you get a healthy heart through this exercise.

Strengthen Overall Muscles of the body.

It is one high-intensity interval training that burns more calories in less time. Which focuses on strengthening your muscles i.e leg muscles, upper body muscles, etc.

Is the Jump Rope routine safer for older people?

People of all ages including older people can perform this workout routine. It is a completely safe exercise as compared to other exercises i.e Weight-bearing exercise.

But it is true that a balanced diet is also necessary for all ages. As your body needs the energy to perform the exercise and a balanced diet can achieve this goal.


We have shown you how this jumping exercise is helpful in many dimensions. The focus was on fitness i.e. Losing weight. How to perform Criss cross, high knee, and jump jack exercises and their mechanism, all is discussed.

It is also discussed that you can burn almost 16 calories in a min. while performing this exercise and it is a completely safer exercise for all ages. You must definitely try this to lose weight

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