How to lose fat and gain muscle at home Tips and tricks

If you aim at losing fat and you also want to build muscle then this platform is right for you. Wait! Do you want all this struggle at home? Yes! Then you should not miss this discussion.

In this post, we will discuss how to lose fat and gain muscle at home. How a balanced diet and muscle-building exercises help you in this regard. Let’s start our journey.

I strive for fat loss and gain muscle mass simultaneously. Is this possible at home?

It is possible of course! But you need to focus on healthy eating first then on a workout plan. Here we share some important home guidelines stepwise. You must follow them in sequence.

Home Guide for losing fat and building muscle:

  • Step-1, Motivate yourself for this home-based task.
  • Step-2, you need to install a proper diet plan.
  • Step-3, Install a mini gym at home.

Step-1: Motivate yourself first!

Motivation in every task is necessary. If you start it without motivation then there are greater chances that you may leave the plan in the middle or in starting. First of all, you need to motivate yourself.

Then a question comes up: How can you motivate yourself to lose body fat and build muscle? You can see the motivational videos of Registered Dieticians and seek motivational assistance from those who have just experienced that.

How to lose fat and gain muscle at home

Step-2: Install a healthy diet plan:

After motivating yourself, now install the best plan that includes protein intake, less refined carbs, and plenty of water.

Here we share a list of healthy foods that not only burn fat but are also helpful in gaining muscle mass.

  • Eat eggs and dairy groups:

As more protein intake helps you not only lose weight but also build muscle. You have to maximize the usage of eggs and dairy groups. You can take 2 to 4 egg white in the morning. This is considered a safe amount.

  • Prefer green veggies to maximize energy:

Greens are a great source of energy. You gain energy for your workout after eating them. Here we share a list of greens that help you gain muscle and lose weight:

  • Pick up lean meat for the best weight training:

It is true that lean meat is really helpful in gaining lean muscle mass. Lean meat actually fills the body for a long time and you do not go out to eat all day.

The best lean meat includes chicken breast and lean beef. You can add them to your diet confidently.

Step-3: Organize a mini gym at home-install home based workout equipment:

  • Do high-intensity interval training:

It is all about doing exercise in intervals. Set one interval with fast exercising and for the second interval slow down in the same exercise. Repeat it.

This cardio and strength training is very useful for those who want to do exercise at home. As it saves your time and gives you the required results. Do prefer this strength training at home?

  • Do push-ups:

You do not need any gym trainer to perform this exercise. Because you can do it even in your bedroom. No luxurious gym! No expensive Equipment! Just do 15 to 20 sets of push-ups and that’s all. Push-ups increase the strength of your arm muscles and help to build up lean mass.

  • Do pull-ups:

You can do pull-ups at home by fixing a point. That fixed point will work like expensive gym equipment. Grab that straight fixed point with both of your hands. Now force your entire body to pull up yourself above the pull-up bar.

You can easily do 15 to 20 sets in a day. It is a completely safe figure to do this workout.

  • Lifting weights workout:

What equipment is needed to perform this exercise? Just a pair of dumbbells! Lifting weights can help you achieve muscle mass fast. You can do it at home easily. All you need is to take weights and start lifting them.

How to lose fat and gain muscle at home
  • Triceps dips:

If you need a maintained body weight and muscle growth too, you must try triceps dips at home. Choose a wall of your home that comes to half of your height. Give a back position to the wall by holding the wall with both of your hands.

Put your body bent down on the floor. It looks like you are giving a dip to your lower body. It helps you strengthen your lower muscles.

  • Chest press workout:

You can do this chest press workout at home easily. Take any bench in your home. Lay down on it and relax. Now start lifting the dumbbells up and down. This is what we call a chest press. You actually put stress on your chest.

This exercise helps you build chest muscles and provide strength to your arm muscles too. If you are losing fat, it will enhance your struggle of burning fat.

  • Burpees workout:

It is somehow similar to push-ups. Do a push-up and then attain a standing position. Repeat it regularly. Doing at least 10 to 15 sets of Burpees can help you in weight loss and you definitely attain a toned muscular body.

Set one rest day goal as it is an important pillar of fitness:

If you have set a one-week workout routine. You should fix one day a rest day. This break is necessary even for those who are trained in this workout. If you are a beginner, you can take a two-day break. The purpose of this break is to give you a relaxing feeling so you work with the same energy.


This article has shown you that a perfect diet plan and workout plan have equal importance. We have discussed some suitable diets that help you in weight loss. As you have to struggle for weight loss first.

Then we discussed how different workouts i.e., push-ups, pull-ups, chest presses, etc. help you in gaining muscle. In the past, we have discussed setting at least one day rest day in our workout routine. As it proceeds a smooth weight loss journey.

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