30-day meal plan for weight loss female

Weight loss meal plans are a top trending topic on search bars. Especially females do this search because they need a healthy lifestyle but unfortunately, they met weight gain issues. Doing a 30-day meal plan for weight loss female can be the best solution.

Considering all these problems researchers have issued a perfect plan for weight loss. We will show you all the best strategies to lose weight for females. Stay tuned.

Do you know that simple meal prep can help you get rid of fats? Yeah! It’s good news for females that they can reduce their extra fat with a 30-day diet plan.

So, what are you waiting for? A good diet plan is here to follow. Researchers said that weight loss meal plans can help you reduce weight faster than hard exercises. This journey should contain the best strategies.

In this article, we will discuss a 30-day meal plan for weight loss female

What is ideal body weight?

First of all, remember that there is no ideal digit for body weight. As everybody has their ideal weight according to their BMI. Now, what is BMI? It is actually the Body Mass Index. And everybody has their own BMI. 

The ideal weight of everyone depends only on their BMI. You have to calculate it to know the ideal mass and then do it with how many calories you have to eat.

30-day meal plan for weight loss female

Set week 1 goal:

The first week of your meal plan should be a low-carb diet. The first week is purely based on elimination and low-calorie intake. You are at the first step of your weight loss journey so you have to take steady and slow steps. Of course!

If you go fast in week 1 then you may get tired in the end. You have to avoid this thing. First, eliminate the following stuff from your food and get weight loss success:

  • Sweet potato Fries.
  • Refined Sugar.
  • Alcohol.

Set week 2 goals:

Now, it is your second week of a Healthy Meal plan. So, along with carrying the first-week routine, go with meal prep and some important strategies for the second week.

  • Intake Plenty of Water

Water is the only detoxifier that helps the body in the elimination of all toxins. You have to intake a lot of water per day. Recommended water quantity per day is 4 to 4.5 liters. Maintain this intake every day.

  • Green Tea

Taking one cup of green tea after half an hour of every meal helps you reduce fat. It detoxifies the toxins in your body. And the most important is it contains glutamic acid and tyrosine which reduces fat fast.

  • Milk Lunch

It could be new information for you but it is a research-based fact that taking only milk for two weeks can help in fat reduction.

  • Here Milk is recommended in 2nd week for lunchtime. It is the right food for your 2nd-week lunch of course! One cup of milk is enough.
  • Use Olive Oil

Don’t you think that olive oil could be the best choice to prepare a meal? One cup of olive oil during the whole day is the perfect quantity to intake.

Set week 3 goals:

You are done with the elimination of unhealthy fats, taking plenty of water, and intake olive oil and milk for lunch, and you are one step far from your destination.

Carry along with the previous week’s routine, let’s enter the 3rd week. Here you have to modify your plan and your weight loss progress will get fast.

  • Vegetable Omelet

Using veggies in an omelet in the morning is the best breakfast. Eat a vegetable omelet and have a good morning every day.

  • Take cooked brown Rice

If you think that rice could gain weight then sorry you are wrong. Taking brown rice for about 1 serving at lunch reduces your calorie intake.

  • Take Greek Yogurt

First of all, let me be clear that greek yogurt is low fat or can say healthy fats yogurt. You can take one cup of greek yogurt per day.

  • Raisins Dinner

Eating raisins for dinner burns fat. Actually, they contain fiber which boosts metabolism and increases digestion rate. Which promotes weight loss.

30-day meal plan for weight loss female

Set week 4 goals:

Now, it is the final step toward your destination. Take plenty of water and do the same routine as in previous weeks. But here you have to change lunch and dinner. Let’s see what is next:

  • Mint Chutney Lunch

shift your lunch from 1 cup of brown rice to mint chutney. you can use it with salad and one cup of steamed rice. It is a delicious food group for weight loss progress. 

  • Chicken breast Dinner

It will be one of the best choices for 4th week. You can take 1 serving or say 2 to 3 small pieces of chicken breast for dinner with 2 to 3 spoons of nonfat greek yogurt. Both chicken breast and yogurt boost metabolism and reduce weight.

  • Add Exercise

Besides the above-discussed plan, you have to add little exercises to your routine. For example, a walk should be added. This exercise maintains blood sugar and boosts heart health too.

Little exercises with diet will double the effect of mass reduction. And you must remember that little exercises are a greater demand for good human health.


It is true that mass reduction is needed, especially in females. As females are much conscious about their figure. So, the best plan that she can complete in just thirty days is designed. By following the above-discussed plan, she can achieve her goal.

One thing to remember, besides this plan you must do this work with patience and consistency. If you haste then its results could be disastrous. So, you have to take care in this regard.


What should I do if I get no results after following a diet plan for one month?

You have to check that either you are missing any part of the above plan. If you miss any part it is possible that you may find slow results. It is better to follow all the diet plans in sequence.

You must follow all the weight loss tips regularly. Otherwise, it could affect your goal.

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