Best healthy diet to lose weight fast

You get plenty of weight loss posts on the internet but this post will emphasize on what are best healthy diet to lose weight fast. You will get some useful diet remedies that help you lose weight fast.

We also highlight some common mistakes that 90% of people make while following the diet plan. It is also discussed how to deal with these mistakes. So let us begin our weight-loss journey.

Now you must know what is the difference between a healthy diet to lose mass fast and a poor diet to reduce fat quickly.

In the article, we will discuss the Best healthy diet to lose weight fast.

What is a healthy diet plan?

A healthy meal means a low-carb diet with enormous health benefits. This kind of plan will help you to achieve sustainable weight loss. 

What is a poor nutrient diet plan?

A poor diet may give you weight loss faster but you can not achieve sustainability. You may lose muscle mass in this kind of plan. which is highly dangerous for health.

Best healthy diet to lose weight fast

The effective diet plan:

Now we are going to discuss fat-reduction remedies that are completely based on low-carb diets and healthy fats only. These food groups will tackle all weight gain issues. So, let’s start:

Keep a diary and pencil with you:

This diary is playing a most important role in my meal plan. Note down your calorie intake per day in this diary. After doing this task, now evaluate how many calories you need in a day.

Let’s calculate the number of calories in your daily diet. When we talk about ideality then a man requires 2500 calories per day and a woman requires 2000 calories per day.

You must calculate your requirement of calories per day according to your fats and height.

Lemon water drink:

Start your day with this lemon water drink and see the magic. This drink should be taken in the morning. You can add half a spoonful of honey too. But it is optional. As some people do not like to take only lemon in water.

This drink helps you reduce weight quickly and makes you refreshed throughout the day. This drink also maintains blood sugar too.

Add 20 minutes of morning walk:

Physical activity i.e. walking in the morning increases by 10% greater chances to reduce fats. Rather than laying in bed with a slow metabolism.

And do not forget to take a water bottle with you. It is actually necessary during a walk. Because water keeps your body hydrated. You feel a highly energized body if you do a 20-minute walk in the morning.


Before moving to breakfast, you must take a pre-breakfast that contains chia seeds. You can take one spoon of chia seeds soaked in water overnight in pre-breakfast. They help you reduce fats of course!

High proteins breakfast:

Your breakfast is the first meal of the day. So, choose the following healthy foods for losing extra fat. You can select the following food for your breakfast:

  • Whole grains (Promote weight loss).
  • Boiled egg.
  • Porridge.
  • Apple.
  • Walnut (3 to 4 pieces).
  • Bran Bread( contains fewer calories).

Snack time:

You can take any fruit juices to maintain overall body fat. But avoid banana and mango juice as they may cause weight gain.

You can also try mint and coriander drinks at snack time too. It is also included in a balanced diet. And helps you burn fat fast.

Best healthy diet to lose weight fast

Low-carb lunch:

What kinds of food groups should I choose at lunchtime? Well, it is an important question to answer. Your lunch must contain low carbohydrates and be rich in proteins. You must have the following food preferences for lunch:

  • Steamed rice.
  • Brown rice.
  • Green vegetable Salad.
  • whole grains.

Evening snack:

You can take nuts in evening snacks to reduce excess weight. Nuts are the best choice in weight management because they give you nutrition and a low-calorie diet.

Dinner time:

For rapid weight loss, your dinner must contain the following foodstuff:

  • Chicken breast.
  • yogurt.
  • Red beans.
  • Salad.
  • Olive oil.
  • Fish.

Add exercise:

Weight management demands regular exercise. It maintains blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease. So, keep in mind that exercise is necessary for losing weight.

Some other quick ways for rapid weight loss:

Intermittent Fasting:

A proper schedule of eating and fasting at proper timing is called intermittent fasting. This kind of fasting has become a trend regarding weight loss.

you can consult a nutritionist in this regard. Because he/she can better guide you to the best schedule of fasting and eating.

Mayo clinic diet:

In this kind of diet plan, the mayo clinic expert will guide you about the food groups. This mayo clinic diet is really helpful because it included supplement guidelines too.

5 common mistakes to avoid:

  1. People do not follow a consistent plan. Due to this reason, they could not get rapid results.
  2. Irregular intake of high carbs can move you at a high risk of stuck weight. So, avoid this irregularity.
  3. Some people get stressed if they cheat on their diet. At this moment you do not need to take the stress. Just come back with a normal routine. No need to panic at all.
  4. People do too much dieting and too much exercise to burn calories. which is a very wrong turn. Just go with a steady weight loss plan.
  5. People measure fats again and again which is very wrong. Just check your body weight after regular intervals. Because it can cause physiological issues in you if you do not get the desired results fast. So, avoid on and off measurements.


The above whole article has provided information about healthy habits, food preferences, low-fat diets, and low-calorie diets to live a healthier life. By following the above tips you can achieve your goal.

This article also informs you about some specific foods at a specific time. It is your turn to manage this plan. It is up to you how you are gonna establish this plan to get fast results.

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