Do planks get rid of stomach fat?

You may have heard that doing planks is a great way to lose body weight. But what about if you’re looking to lose belly fat? Do planks get rid of stomach fat? All we have are these questions in our minds. In this article, we are going to discuss plank exercises and their benefits for losing belly fat. 

Planks are very useful exercises to burn body fat, planks engage multiple muscles at a time and increase your metabolism, which will lead to burning belly fat fastly. Plank is an isometric exercise, in which you hold a static position for a long period of time. It makes sure to tighten and relax the muscle groups.

Planks are a form of exercise that involves the plank pose.

When you perform a plank,

  • You support yourself on your elbows and forearms.
  • You should hold yourself in a straight position with your knees in line with your toes.
  • Your chin should be parallel to the floor.
  • Your arms should be in a straight line.
  • Your legs should be in line with each other.
  • Your head should be straight and you should look straight ahead.

The idea behind performing a plank is to tone your muscles and help you to burn fat. This will happen because your heart rate will increase. To ensure that you are doing a proper plank, keep your back straight and your feet in line with your knees.

Do planks get rid of stomach fat

Muscles Target In Plank Exercises:

The plank exercise targets the muscles of the chest, abs, shoulders, and arms. It also builds your endurance. The plank exercise builds muscle strength. It will make your muscles strong and firm. As a result, your muscles will appear tighter.

The plank exercise is also a good way to burn calories. A proper plank will burn more calories than sitting or lying down. To perform a proper plank exercise, your hands should be close together and your elbows should be bent. Your body should be flat on the floor. Your chin should be parallel to the floor. Your feet should be in line with each other. Your head should be straight.

You can also do crunches, sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, and a variety of other exercises for losing belly fat. We should do planks first. The plank is the most useful exercise for losing belly fat.

They will strengthen your back muscles and abdominal muscles and improve your core strength. These exercises require less equipment than other types of workouts. It will improve your core strength.

In order to do planks correctly, you will need to balance your entire body, so you should focus on your legs, arms, shoulders, and chest. To do planks, you need to have perfect posture and alignment.

Benefits of planks:

A plank is a very good exercise for your entire body.

It will tone your arms, legs, and core muscles.

Plank will help you to improve your posture.

It will make your arms and legs stronger than they were before. You will also develop a better grip.

It will also help you to strengthen your abs. You will lose fat while you are doing a plank. You may even build muscle.

Doing a plank will help you to get rid of excess abdominal fat.

You should try to do a plank for 20 seconds, three times a day in the first week. After that gradually increase the time. If you cannot do a full 20 seconds, you should try to do as much as possible.

Do planks get rid of stomach fat

Mistakes to avoid during plank exercise:

You should have to avoid doing mistakes while doing planks because it may cause injured you. Some of them are here:

Don’t lower or raise your back:

Your back should stay straight. If you arch your back and do not align your shoulders, you may cause yourself some serious problems.

Don’t try to hold the position longer:

There is no need to hold the plank position for too long. If you hold the position for a long time you may be lost focus on your abdominal muscles.


As we all know that exercises and workout plan helps to burn belly fat. Planks help with weight loss and strengthen the groups of muscles such as arms, shoulders, back, spine, and core.


Q: Does plank exercises burn calories? 

Ans: Plank is an effective exercise for a tighter tummy. It is helpful to strengthen the abdomen area.

Q: Are crunches and planks the same exercises?

Ans: Crunches and planks both target the rectus abdominis and obliques but are different from others.

Q: How many times can I do crunches daily?

Ans: The maximum number of times you can do crunches daily is 25.

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