Effective diet plan to lose weight in a month

Do you want to shed those extra pounds in a month? If this is your target then congratulations! you have approached the right article to read.

Here you get an effective diet plan to lose weight in a month. That will be a cheat day in the weight loss journey? and how much weight loss you can achieve in a month.

In this article, we will discuss effective diet plan to lose weight in a month.

30 days plan and burn stubborn fat:

A diet chart with low calories to lose weight:

Your diet chart roundabout low-calorie intake. It is a 30-day plan. you have to count your one-day calorie intake and then multiply it by 30 days.

It becomes easy for you if you divide your 30-day plan into three weeks. Note down your current weight, your daily calorie intake, and your health conditions too. Let’s start.

Effective diet plan to lose weight in a month

Is it possible to lose 5kg in just a 30-day diet plan?

It will be wonderful news for you that you can achieve 5kg or even more than 5kg weight loss in a month. It is an easy approach. But the matter is you have to maintain it.

How much weight loss you can achieve is all dependent upon your sincerity and hard work. If you do hard work at the start and leave the plan in the middle and you expect that you will maintain the loss then sorry It is not possible.

Diet chart- day 01 -10:

Here is the start-up point of your journey. Stay calm and be positive. You may get problems initially. Because your body is not used to it. But with the passage of time, your body starts responding to it.

In the first 10 days, you are introducing your body to healthy eating. Do not haste in doing things.

What will be your healthy eating from day 1 to 10? All are discussed:

  • Skip every kind of Fast Food

Such fast food contains oil which is a bigger source of fat in your body. Now your mission is to shed this extra body fat. You have to avoid fast food.

Processed foods are also unhealthy. Your mission is to skip them all. So that your body comes to know that it is going to shed this extra weight.

  • Take Lemon juice as a morning drink

Lemon is the best citrus fruit with a very lesser amount of calories and it will boost metabolism. you take one cup of lukewarm water with one-half lemon it will hydrate your body.

Lemons contain citric acid which helps you to lose weight. It will be the best morning drink on your journey.

  • Jeera water drink

You can take a jeera water drink in the morning. But it is suitable for those who do not have hypotension issues. If you are a hypotension patient then you have to rely on lemon water only.

You can take lime water and jeera water on an alternative basis in the morning.

Cheat day in the diet plan:

How to spend a cheat day? In a thirty-day plan, you can enjoy 3 days of cheating. But your cheating day must be in the middle of your 10 days.

For example, in 01-10 days, your day 5 or day 6 should be a cheat day. Follow the exact pattern for the next 20 days.

One thing to remember, your cheat day does not mean you go to disturb your body weight. You can increase the portion amount. But do not eat too much so that it disturbs your previous hard work. Avoid processed food specifically.

Day 11-20 (Replace crabs and eat protein) diet plan meal swaps:

What will be the breakfast substitution?

You have to eat egg white and greek yogurt for your breakfast. Eggs will complete your protein needs and yogurt will boost your weight loss meal plan. Because yogurt contains low amounts of calories, it is recommended for breakfast.

Effective diet plan to lose weight in a month

Eat leafy greens:

Green vegetables are a rich source of hydration. They keep your body hydrated and provide all essential nutrients. It is reported that eating greens help you lose weight fast.

Chicken breast- a rich source of protein:

1 serving of chicken for dinner with one serving of olive oil is the best food to eat. using nonstick cooking spray as a replacement for oil can shed extra weight. If you are focusing on belly fat reduction then it is considered the best meal.

Lima beans:

1 serving of lima beans contains enough protein that fulfills your required caloric amount. Do not use canned beans as they are not suitable. They are actually processed.

Take fresh lima beans. You can also add greens to it to make it tasteful. You can take them for dinner.

Day 21-30 (Return to routine with pleasure and freedom)

Do not change the previous routine that you have adopted in the last 20 days. It is the last section where you have to add some exercise and green tea to your meal chart.

A cup of green tea after every meal prep:

1 serving is added to half an hour of every meal. Actually, your body needs less calorie consumption. It will maintain your body to a lesser intake.

Walk, sit-ups, and deep breathing:

You can do all these three exercises at any time of the day. They aid your struggle with weight management  and boost weight loss. The ideal time to perform these exercises is in the morning. Adopt them to have a healthy lifestyle.

Is this plan suitable for PCOS patients to reduce weight?

It is an important question to answer. PCOS patients think that they cannot burn extra fat. But it is a totally wrong concept. They can get healthy fats.

They can surely follow the above-discussed plan. But it is recommended to consult their doctor first and ask him if you are going to adopt this plan.


It is true that weight loss is a hot topic on the internet today. People need effective guidelines so that they can reduce their weight safely. We have discussed a thorough plan for weight loss which includes healthy meals. For example, whole grains include brown rice, whole-grain bread, beans, and greens.

You have to do physical exercises such as walking, sit-ups, and stand-ups to make you struggle fast. It is true that this diet plan is for everyone. There is no food group that can disturb your body in any dimension. Try it of course!

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