How does yoga help you lose weight?

Yoga is a great workout that you can do anytime, anywhere. It’s a great way to relieve stress and strengthen your body, but can it help to lose weight? In this article, we are trying to answer the question that how does yoga help you lose weight?

It is one of the most popular and well-loved exercise routines in the world. Yoga practice has been proven to be beneficial for people of all ages, from children to adults.

With a combination of stretching, breathing, and strength exercises, It can help improve the overall health and well-being of its practitioners. It is also known as the best source of higher energy levels and decreased stress levels.

Types of Yoga poses:

There are many types that are practiced by people of different faiths and cultures. Here are Some of the most common types as follows:

  • Bikram
  • Iyengar
  • Ashtanga 
  • Hatha Yoga 
  • Vinyasa 
  • Yin 
  • Vinayaka

These different types differ in the level of difficulty of the poses. But in all these types, you will learn to control your breathing while moving your body in various ways.

Benefits of Yoga:

There are many health benefits to do Yoga. Some of the advantages are as follows you can experience by practicing it:

  • It will help you to gain stamina and strength.
  • It will improve your balance.
  • It will help you to relax.
  • It will help you to stay healthy.
  • It can help you get fit in a very short period of time.

How Yoga helps to burn calories:

Yoga is one of the best exercises you can do to help you to lose weight. It is also great for building muscle tone. It is one of the most famous fitness trends in recent days.

As mentioned earlier, It improves overall health and well-being. One of the benefits is that it can help you burn calories.

You can lose weight by doing yoga practice at least twice a week. Many studies have shown that it can help for burning calories as many as 25 to 30 calories per hour.

When you exercise, your heart rate increases, and as a result, you burn more calories. It is considered to be a low-intensity workout.

You can do it at your own pace, which means that you won’t be able to lose weight as fast as if you were doing other types of workouts. The benefits of yoga practice will last longer than those of other forms of exercise.

The best type for losing weight is power yoga, another name is vinyasa yoga. This type of yoga has you doing a series of poses that are done together in order. The poses include twists, back bends, forward bends, and arm balances. In vinyasa, you will do these poses in order as you move from one pose to another. You will usually be holding onto a strap. This helps you to move from one pose to the next.

How does yoga help you lose weight

How often doing Yoga to lose weight:

It is one of the simplest and easy ways to lose body weight. You should do a yoga practice, 3 to 5 times for 1 to 2 hours each week.

It is important to remember that you should practice yoga daily. You will feel good about yourself and you will have more energy. You will get better sleep if you do it regularly. It can help you to reduce stress and it will help you to develop better breathing habits.

In the beginning, start practicing slowly and gradually. At the start should practice it for 20 minutes.   

Once you have reached this level, you can increase your practice time by 10 minutes each day. 

Poses of Yoga:

There are a few poses, you can easily do at home without an instructor:

Sun salutations:

There are several sun salutations you can perform every day to keep your body healthy. They include: standing up, forward bend, backward bend, side bend, forward fold, downward fold, upward fold, twist, and plank. These poses help you to build strength and they are relaxing as well.

Sun salutations are a wonderful way to stay in shape. They include different types of poses that improve your flexibility, coordination, and strength. You will feel energized and relaxed after performing these poses. You should make sure that you do sun salutations every day.

You may want to start by doing five repetitions of each pose every day. You can do them as a warm-up for the day. You can do these sun salutations on the floor, a bed, a chair, or a bench. You can do the poses while you are sitting or standing. You can do the sun salutations after breakfast or before dinner.

Boat pose: 

Boat Pose can help you relax and calm your mind. In order to do this pose correctly, you should bend your knees and bring your hips forward.

You will then place your hands behind your hips. You should hold your head in a neutral position, which is between your ears. As you perform the pose, you should look at the top of your head and stay focused on it. Breathe deeply in and out.

You can do this pose while lying down in the sun and while you are sitting in front of the TV. It will help you to relax and relieve tension. It will also help you to open up your chest. It will help you to open up your shoulders and neck.

How does yoga help you lose weight

Plank pose:

If you need to lose weight, you can start by doing a Plank Pose. This pose can help you to build strength in your arms and chest. You will be able to improve your posture.

You can make it easier for yourself by lying on your back with your legs straight out and parallel to each other. Your elbows should be bent and your hands should be underneath your shoulders. Your feet should be under your hips.

It will help you to open up your chest and shoulders. It is an important part of yoga because it helps you to get fit. Your shoulders will be strengthened. When you are performing the pose, you should make sure that your knees and your ankles are in contact with the floor.

Yoga for mindfulness: 

Mindfulness is a concept that involves being aware of your body and surroundings, as well as your emotions. It also involves being conscious of your thoughts. It’s about being in the moment.

People who are doing yoga regularly are encouraged to have a peaceful mind. They should be aware of what they are doing and how they are feeling. This will help them learn more about themselves. It will make them stronger and happier.

It helps you to gain a better understanding of your emotions. You may find that your emotions are easier to manage when you are doing it. You may also be more patient. It may help you to control your behavior. It may make you calmer and more relaxed.

It is a form of exercise that focuses on health, relaxation, and spirituality. This will allow you to control your actions and thoughts, which will result in a positive change in your lifestyle.

The people who have developed this skill can learn to overcome the negative aspects of their personalities. 

Yoga for better sleep:

One of the most important parts of being happy is getting enough sleep. Sleeping is essential for our well-being. A good night’s rest can make us feel rested in the morning. A good night’s sleep can also be helpful in reducing stress levels. It has been shown that people who sleep more than seven hours per night have higher levels of happiness.

Sleep deprivation can cause us to become irritable, nervous, anxious, agitated, depressed, and frustrated. It results in weight gain and high blood pressure levels. If you want to have a healthy, long life, it is good to make sure that you get enough sleep.

A 2015 study found that meditation was effective in improving sleep in older adults. It has also been found to improve the quality of sleep in people with insomnia. People with chronic insomnia who meditate twice a week slept better, as compared to those who didn’t practice yoga. They also reported less daytime tiredness.

Professionals who engaged in yoga Nidra (a type of guided relaxation) were able to sleep deeper than those who didn’t practice Nidra. The participants who practiced Nidra experienced better sleep quality and felt more refreshed the next day. It’s possible that these benefits resulted from the participants practicing yoga Nidra, as opposed to simply participating in a meditation activity.


It’s a good idea to commit to a regular practice of yoga. You can practice this alone or enjoy it with a friend. This will allow you to get out of your own way and focus on yourself.

You may find that you become more aware of your life and learn new things. Also, you may find yourself naturally attracted to healthy foods and ways of living.

This is because Its postures are a perfect way to stretch your muscles. It will also strengthen your heart and lungs and improve your breathing.


Q: Does Yoga help to reduce stress level and anxiety?

Ans: This is a great way to overcome stress and anxiety and improves mental health. As we grow older, our bodies and minds experience some changes. These changes can sometimes result in the development of anxiety and stress.

It allows you to deal with these stresses effectively. This is because yoga can provide the relaxation necessary to help reduce stress and anxiety. If you suffer from stress and anxiety, you should practice it regularly.

The best way to do this is to engage in a consistent yoga practice. You can get into it in the morning before you start your daily activities. It is important to do this because this will help you to relax.

As you practice it, you can think about the negative aspects of your personality. Doing this will help you to overcome your negative traits.

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