Tips for lose weight without exercise

Today everybody is living a very busy lifestyle. There are fewer people who have enough time to go to the gym and lose weight. This is the reason why people rush to such journals which include easy tips for losing weight without exercise.

Here we are going to teach you the 14 best ways or tips for lose weight without exercise. All ways are very easy to adopt. You do not need to bother about the gym, just go with these 14 health benefits rules and achieve your target. Let’s start.

14 Best ways to lose weight fast-Food journal Tips:

These tips never intend you toward strict dieting or exercising. Rather, you just amend yourself in these 14 habits and these tips will prove to be life-changing for you.

Serve yourself with a small cup of higher calories:

If you like to eat high-calorie foods but have a fatty figure already. Then do not worry. You can enjoy this food and reduce fat at the same time. But how?

Make half a portion of your plate and that’s all. you are taking the required number of calories. You have just cut down the number of calories. But enjoying the same food that you like the most.

Tips for lose weight without exercise

Avoid soft drinks with every meal- replace them with water:

Sugary drinks are a big source of fat gain. When you take soft drinks or alcohol with your food. They trigger your stomach to produce more acid which causes heartburn.

They damage your stomach walls even. And cause your stored body fat to increase. Simple water is the best drink after every meal. Because it acts as a neutralizer.

Divide your food into portion sizes:

It is all about portion control of your food intake for body weight loss. When you divide your healthy foods into portions it means you eat fewer calories. This tip works in a real sense.

It is just like you enjoy rice but in portion sizes. Which ultimately does not increase your fat. Rather, it intends your body to lose the extra fat. Because the body is not getting the amount of rice which it takes priory.

Drink at least 4-5 liters of water per day:

Drinking water plays a role of magic in losing weight. It is the best cleaner for your body. It cleans your body fat in a healthy manner.

Your body is hydrated all the time. It does not give room for extra fat to deposit in your body. And reduces the already present fat too. So, drinking plenty of water is helpful in losing weight.

Take enough sleep 7-8 hours.:

Better sleep plays an important role in a successful healthy weight loss journey. When you keep awake late at night. You feel cravings for fast food or junk. As a result, you overload your stomach with fast food.

When you eat more fiber with slow metabolism it automatically converts into fat. It is better to sleep at night. Rather than making your body overloaded with healthy fats food.

Do not eat too frequently-just go with slow-eating:

It has been seen that obese people do not take a pause in eating. They eat all day without taking a break. When they eat all day the stomach does not get time for proper digestion.

Do not eat all day frequently. Just eat with a specific timetable and consume fewer calories. Following a proper timetable of eating prevents your body from weight gain.

Practice mindful eating leads to a successful weight loss journey:

Some people do not stop eating while watching tv. Even some people have a habit of mindless eating. They never stop themselves from eating snacks or taking drinks even when they do not feel hungry.

You have to adopt the habit of mindful eating. Do not eat anything until your body does not feel hungry. Just adopt mindful eating.

Alcohol consumption can Trigger weight gain Do not use it:

Alcohol is not only a source of fat gain but also dangerous for health. People who are addicted to alcohol are prone to weight gain issues, poor sleep, and health issues too.

Avoid such alcoholic drinks and sugary beverages if you want to lose weight. Avoiding them can enhance your weight loss efforts.

Maximize protein intake:

Protein intake means you are eating fewer calories. Protein is never intended for your body with any kind of fat. While carbohydrates can increase your weight.

Try to take those foods which are rich in protein. For example, eggs, fatty fish, and whole grains.

Tips for lose weight without exercise

Never put stress on your mind:

Stress can trigger your body to eat more and more. You do not know how much food you have eaten. Your body shows stressful eating. It is very dangerous for your health. Try not to stress yourself all the time. Keep yourself happy. It balances your stress hormones.

Take green tea after junk food:

If you have taken any fast food. But you want to neutralize its effect. Do not move your body too hard and fast exercises. Do not drink soft drinks. Rather, take a cup of green tea and that’s all. Remember to not take junk on a regular basis. As junk food is not healthy food.

Keep an eye on your weight regularly:

You must check your weight on a regular basis. But do not check it again and again. Or do not check it daily. Just check it in a week for sure. It helps you to maintain your weight in a limited range.

Avoid unhealthy food:

The unhealthy foods include:

  • Fast foods
  • Processed food
  • Packed or canned food
  • Oily foodstuff

Never skip breakfast at any cost:

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is the time when your metabolism is fast. You can eat anything. If you do not eat breakfast. It makes your body weak in muscles. And you gain weight. Never skip it.


We have shown major tips to follow which include healthy eating, mindful eating, and avoiding junk. All these tips can make your journey successful. You must try them.

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