Best liquid diet to lose weight

Hey! Are you in search of the best liquid diet to lose weight? Congratulations! You have reached the right platform. Here you will get different ideas about a variety of fluid meals.

There will be a brief discussion in the introduction about how a liquid diet involves replacing high calories with a very low-calorie diet. And there is a brief discussion on the best liquid diets for weight loss.

In this article, we will discuss the Best liquid diet to lose weight.

What is a fluid meal?

A fluid-based meal actually contains a large amount of moisture. And a very small amount of fiber. As a result, this meal contains fewer calories and is helpful in weight loss.

Types of liquid diets:

A Fluid diet is further divided into two types:

  • Full Liquid diet.
  • Partial Liquid Diet.
Best liquid diet to lose weight

What is a full liquid diet?

The meals are totally based on moisture content. They contain almost 90-95% of the fluid. Due to plenty of moisture content, this fluid meal can replace solid food. 

Experts say if you choose this clear liquid diet for weight loss it will give you fast results. Yeah! The results would be 2 times faster than a solid food diet plan.

How full fluid meal works for weight management?

Weight management can be an easy and approachable step when it does not stress the digestive system of the body. If you are taking a full liquid diet throughout the day it means your digestive has no overloading of fats.

As a result, the already present fat starts burning. And this is the goal that you actually want to achieve! According to experts, this diet will give you sustainable weight loss.

4 Best full liquid diet for weight loss:

Now, we will discuss important fluids that will help you lose weight quickly. When you eat such meals, you eat fewer calories throughout the day.

1. Detox liquid diet:

The detox water will rank number one on a full-liquid diet. Its popularity is due to its effective results. You can make this low-calorie diet at home easily. 

You just need to take a cucumber (medium size), mint, and lemon and that’s it. Your detox drink is ready. Take at least 5 to 6 glasses of it per day. It contains zero calories. And can bring sustainable weight loss too.

2. Fruit or vegetable juices:

Fruit juice is considered a very healthy snack. If you add vegetable juice to your meal, it will fulfill nutritional deficiencies of the body too. One glass of any fruit is enough per day. If you choose apple juice it will give you rapid weight loss results.

3. Sports drinks:

Sports drinks are best when you are doing a workout to lose weight. These drinks aid your weight loss journey. These drinks help you to put on a healthy muscle mass and are helpful in detox diets.

4. Lemon water drink:

This clear liquid meal could be your morning drink. Lemon water contains fewer calories. It hydrated and removed all the toxins from the body. You will get a flat stomach. 

You can also add a half teaspoon of honey. It is optional. But do not forget to take lukewarm water. Because cold water can cause dryness to the body.

Things to think about:

You are trying to follow a weight loss journey in which fluid meal replacement is done and you have completely cut down on solid food. Alright! But do you know sometimes people get bored due to continuously taking liquid all day?

Yeah! It is quite possible. That’s why a registered dietician suggests that you have to run both full and semi-liquid meals hand in hand. You have to balance both diets to stay passionate throughout the journey.

What is a partial liquid diet?

This is semi-solid food that fulfills all the protein requirements of the body. It contains low carbs and a high portion of proteins. So, your body does not feel hungry very early after a meal.

4 Best semi-liquid diet for weight loss:

Best liquid diet to lose weight

1. Soup:

Soup is actually fat-free broth. It only contains the essence of chicken and vegetables. Which means you are eating all the healthy portions of food. Such foods help you to tackle weight gain issues rapidly.

You can take this drink with added vegetables too. There are no dietary restrictions regarding added veggies. But do not overall eat your meal. For example, do not add too much cream or cheese so that you may regain the weight.

2. Porridge meal:

This food can actually decrease the caloric intake of the body. Because porridge contains whole grains. And such a diet provides a very low portion of carbs to the body. There will be extra mass muscle loss.

3. Plain gelatin:

It is one of the best semi-liquid diets. It contains essential nutrients required by the body. If you eat this unflavored gelatin it can replace your solid meals for the whole day. Research has proved that Gelatin is considered a zero-calorie food that can easily replace solid foods.

4. Chicken broth:

You can use chicken stock as a replacement for meat. It is the most refined form. As it contains only the flavor of the chicken. So, you can add this one to make a gravy that contains enough calories required for the body. And this will be delicious too.

This meal could be a better option if you want to maintain your calorie intake and fulfill nutrient deficiencies too.


In this post, we have discussed all the essential things that give you weight loss quickly. You can start your journey with these meals. As these meals are a good solid meal replacement. This post has shown you the worth of fruit and vegetable juices, Detox water, and Lemon water.

There is enough description of some fluid foods that are at semi-solid levels. In which porridge stood at the number one position. So, if you wanna make your journey useful then you must try this of course!

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